Wonder Soil for Cactus

Wonder Soil for Cactus

Wonder Soil for Cactus
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Why is WONDER SOIL® different? It is a dehydrated compressed potting medium that expands 12 times its volume when water is added. It is formulated with a proprietary process combining coir nutrients and polymers to maximize growing success and is superior to any coir, peat or conventional bagged soil. Many bidders ask what to plant their new cactus in. Include one of these disks with each plant that you win.

Now, get two great planting mediums in one package: Wonder Soil and pumice.
The folks at Wonder Soil were kind enough to customize their mix for us cactus and succulent growers.

Each bid is for one disk.

In addition to the wonderful ingredients already in Wonder Soil, each disk contains 24% pumice for fast drainage. Then watch your cactus and succulents explode with good health with this great combination.

Each WONDER SOIL® disk expands to fill a 6 inch pot.

Just add 2 cups of water to WONDER SOIL®.

The shiny substance in WONDER SOIL®, called polymers, regulates water supplied to the roots.

Each WONDER SOIL® disk measures 5/8 inch thick.

Each WONDER SOIL® disk measures 3 inches in diameter and contains 25% pumice.

Each WONDER SOIL® disk fills a 6 inch wide pot.

The six inch pot is 4 inches deep full of WONDER SOIL®.

Just add 2 cups of water per WONDER SOIL® disk.

Plants will be happier in WONDER SOIL®.

Features Benefits
Convenience Wonder Soil Saves water, space and labor
Environment Coir fiber is a renewable resource, Coir pots are transplantable and biodegradable
Use Restrictions Use for all gardening applications
Porosity Provides better drainage and saves water.
Handling Lightweight, easy to handle
Plant Propagation Promotes faster germination with more sprout success.

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